The Burberry project

Found myself a fairly decent Burberry raincoat in a 2nd hand store. For € 30 not cheap but the lady threw in a wonderfully coloured tie for naught so left the shop happy as a clam. Will I be wearing the tie – certainly. Will I wear the raincoat? I don’t think so….. the brown checkered … Continue reading

Gone fishing

Inspiration derived from Mr. Satch and Mr. Cros (aka Louis Armstron and Bing Crosby) singing of throwing away all ambtion and just going fishing. Doesn’t take long before I picture myself fishing in a little stream near Jackshon Hole, Wyoming. Favourite baseball cap on, shades against the glistening of the water. Sturdy boots, comfy jeans … Continue reading

70s jeans jacket revisited

Remember when hip still had meaning? When tie dye shirts were the bees knees. When men wore full on jeans suits? Exactly. Check this one out. One of my first projects born out of brute frustration. Conceived from € 20 worth of second hand jeans. If I were anything close to attractive, I’d obviously show … Continue reading

Wear and tear

The proof of any pair of boxershorts is in the wearing. So I wore them. All day long. Didn’t feel any difference. Then again, maybe other people do so I wore them in busy places, told people I wore them and – full-on rapper style – made sure they showed just above my belt. Didn’t … Continue reading

H&M brilliance

I just had to get a pair of those Beckham boxers. Just looking at his stylish tattoos should  convince anyone to fork out 15 Euros for underwear. . To make sure I enjoy the finer details of this quality product, I thought I’d get some regular boxers too. And boy were they regular: so regular … Continue reading