H&M brilliance

I just had to get a pair of those Beckham boxers. Just looking at his stylish tattoos should  convince anyone to fork out 15 Euros for underwear.


To make sure I enjoy the finer details of this quality product, I thought I’d get some regular boxers too. And boy were they regular: so regular that I got 2 pairs for my same 15 Euros. Clearly, they should pale in comparson to the elite version.

Obviously exited to get home and unpack the goods. Beckham’s Boxers in a nice little box (that I chucked out) and the average boxers on a little plastic thingy with cardboard wrap-around (which I also chucked out).

One would think that twice the price would show somewhere. A closer look tells me:

  • both made in China
  • both 100% cotton – different colours but hé, who’s watching (the average boxers are two-tone)
  • both have exactly the same dimensions
  • The elastics are marginally different
  • Both have a fly with 1 (Beckham’s) respectively 2 buttons (the average boxers). Personally, I think the fly in boxers is pretty pointless. To then fit it with no less than 2 buttons is borderline preposterous.
  • The Beckham Boxers don’t have the regular seem in the middel at the back but the back is divided in 3 bits. Functionality unclear to me – perhaps it makes for more comfortable wedgies (but then again, if you dress like Beckham, no one would have the guts to give you a wedgy).
  • They both smell when ironed for the first time. The average boxers smell of a refinery, the Beckham boxers of a person who smoked weed and didn’t wash for quite a while (sort of like Amsterdam central station)

All in all, two pairs of boxers, same difference. The only distinctive feature that justified twice the price for the Beckham Boxers, was the box it came in.

And I threw that out!


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