70s jeans jacket revisited

Remember when hip still had meaning? When tie dye shirts were the bees knees. When men wore full on jeans suits? Exactly. Check this one out. One of my first projects born out of brute frustration. Conceived from € 20 worth of second hand jeans.

If I were anything close to attractive, I’d obviously show this beauty whilst wearning it. In the mean time, just imagine it with a pair of nice khakis, a crispy white shirt and, to complete the 70s look, a knitted tie. Or maybe, on a really bold day: a stripy bow tie.

Enough said. Just marvell at the details – the buttons, button holes, elegant (but useless) pockets and the timeless lining. Check out the different pairs of jeans that went into this beauty. Stretch. Bleach. Pinstriped. You name it – unfortunately I couldn’t find any of those mid eighties stonewashed jeans.

I can just see how you’d want one of these. You’ll just have to wait untill H&M or Zara copies it straigth of the catwalk into the piles of cotton in their shops. Ha!


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