Gone fishing

Inspiration derived from Mr. Satch and Mr. Cros (aka Louis Armstron and Bing Crosby) singing of throwing away all ambtion and just going fishing. Doesn’t take long before I picture myself fishing in a little stream near Jackshon Hole, Wyoming. Favourite baseball cap on, shades against the glistening of the water. Sturdy boots, comfy jeans and to top it off, a nice flanel shirt. And that’s when this came about. A fabric really too thick for a shirt but nice and soft and most importantly, the colour of scuzziness all over it. After a long day of fishing, this shirt will still look pristine and ready for a beer at the Snake River Brewery. (as it goes without saying that a shirt like this is a little too relaxed for the million dollar cowboy bar (if not, its owner is).

I got great pleasure out of making sure the pattern on different parts of the shirt match (or not as the case may be). Picking out sturdy buttons and best of all, wearing it. A crisp white v-neck t-shirt underneath, pair of jeans.. also when I am not fishing (which I rarely do).


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