The projects

When you’re a tailor of bespoke stuff, it’s quite easy to be considered a real dude. When you’re just a guy with a sewing machine, the reactions are generally less predictable.

As a man of – let’s say – of elegant size, the choice of clothes becomes more and more limited. Out of sheer frustration, I once tore apart a worn jacket, pulled out the old sewing machine and made a new jacket. Takes some time figuring everything out but with a bit of expert advice, fine products have been been conveived. The general theme is recycling of stuff previously worn by others but I also really like going through heaps of fabric.

Some of the stuff has made it to the blog. Pictures are crap but then again, I am no fashion fotographer.

Like ’em? Good.

Want one? Would suprise me but get in touch so I’ll let you know you can’t have it.





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